Training and Development

Imagine you see an opportunity to pitch for a major piece of business. One of the first things you might do is check your capability; can our machines cope with this big order or do we have the capacity to deliver?

Ensuring you have the right skills in your business to deliver is critical, and even more important is to ensure that all that skill and knowledge doesn’t just sit with one person.

Creating a Training and Development plan for your business that identifies the skills needed for each role and function will ensure that you are aware of, can plan for and provide the right training at the right time for your people can grow and adapt with your business as it evolves. 

Upskilling your people to cover much more than their current role means never being left with a skills gap. It prepares people for their next role, creating opportunities for development and helping you retain the skills and knowledge that your people have achieved over time.

We can help you to develop a simple career-family framework that both identifies each job role, and the skills and knowledge required, today and tomorrow, whatever that role may be. We then work with you to identify how best to ensure that those skills are gained. This could be through simple in-house guides and training, identifying external providers or by building a range of training programmes suited to you.