Recruitment support

Depending on which article you read, it can cost you from £3000 to £30,000 to employ someone.  It takes the average employee 28 weeks to get fully up to speed in their new role.

Recruitment is often one of the biggest challenges your business will face. Get it wrong and it can take up considerable time and cost, not to mention the impact on other employees and your reputation, especially if the applicant has a poor experience or the job doesn’t match up to its promise.

So often, we fail to get the basics right before we step out on the recruitment journey. We’re often too busy to make sure we select the best people and bring them onboard and so, we end up with poor results. Many companies put their faith in agencies who deliver a mixed bag of support and services. If you don’t find the right agency, your choices and results can be costly too.

At Kalida People we believe that getting recruitment right is critical to building a successful business. It starts with being clear about the role you have on offer and finishes with a great onboarding and induction experience. By following a clear and planned process and by building your core recruitment skills we believe you can employ the right people, significantly improve your performance and save money.

Our bespoke recruitment service starts by working with you to properly identify what and who you’re looking for. We will show you how to plan and execute an effective recruitment strategy and teach you the skills you need to select the best candidates. You will then have the skills and framework to fly solo and manage your own recruitment moving forward. Alternatively, we can continue to be an impartial source of support for you; a third party, negotiating the best outcome and taking care of the admin for you. You choose how much support you need, and we tailor our service to best support you.

Don’t leave it to chance – let us show you how to get the best results for your business.