My Philosophy

I’m Kate Goodman.

What am I passionate about? Who am I?

I think a recent psychometric report sums me up quite well.

“You achieve feelings of self-worth by actively encouraging others to grow, succeed and accomplish great things. You identify needs quickly then move swiftly to assist those in need. You value the power of recognising and rapidly developing the potential in others. You are motivated by the maximum growth and development of others.”

Couple that with 25+ years of experience overseeing large teams, operational delivery, change and transformation, throw in a HR degree and that’s pretty much me. Oh, and you might need to add three kids, a husband and a dog.

So why Kalida People?

Without boring your socks off, I left corporate world after 30 years hard graft and a very successful career because I was and am passionate about actively supporting business to grow. That starts for me with people. You can have all the tools, machines and technology in the world but if you don’t have the right people, in the right roles with the right level of motivation, you haven’t got a fighting chance.

Kalida People – what should you expect?

I’m quick to get stuck in, to understand you and your business. I’ll give you honest, straightforward and useful feedback about the situation in your business. We can then can quickly move to ‘So What?’. I will help you to build and deliver a people strategy and a plan that supports your business to achieve its goals, whatever they may be. Along the way, I’m your trusted adviser with whom you can confidentially discuss your challenges, bounce ideas and seek advice. I prefer to work with you over a period of time but am equally happy to dip in and out as you require. 

Why not give me a call for an initial chat – you’ve really nothing to lose.