HR Support

Developing great people skills is paramount. Simply following a policy or process is one thing but doing it well takes your business to another level. Add to that the complexity of deciphering and keeping up to date with HR law and it can all seem a bit daunting.

Learning how to manage and support your teams effectively will pay dividends in the long-run. We can show you how to effectively support and manage your employees in a way that delivers performance and engages and empowers them to be their best. Nobody comes to  work to turn out mediocre results but all too often, poor management skills result in exactly that.

We are passionate about enabling you to lead and manage your teams effectively and we will support you by showing you how it’s done.

Once you’ve developed your own skills there may well be times when you simply need to talk through a specific problem or develop a plan for dealing with a challenging employee or dilemma. 

We can be on hand to talk you through, provide advice and guidance and act impartially to help you navigate your way through these situations and can act as an impartial mediator when required.

Policies and Processes

People perform well when they know what’s expected of them and how they are supported to achieve their best.

Having a clear set of HR policies and procedures tailored to your business is the best way of managing your people effectively and efficiently for the best outcomes. While policies and procedures may seem tedious at times, done well they can empower your people, provide clarity at times of uncertainty and protect those most vulnerable in your business. They should be an extension of who you are as an employer and talk in a way that reflects your values and personality.

So often we see employers purchase off-the-shelf solutions that simply don’t work for their business. The language is all wrong, they stifle and disable and employers don’t always understand how and when to use them to best effect.

At Kalida People we see that empowering policies and procedures that are clear, easy to understand and follow make all the difference. Let us help you build better people systems that include robust contracts of employment, clear policies and processes and a document library that you can refer to that’s a manageable. Doing the basics well will put you in good stead.