Happiness at work

Happiness at work makes sound business sense. Happy employees stay in their jobs for much longer – the bottom 20% of employees in the happiness stakes are twice as likely to leave their job in the next quarter than the 20% most happy. In a tight labour market that could lead to big problems for employers trying to fill gaps.

Productivity is another major benefit of having happy employees. There’s plenty of evidence demonstrating the strong link between our productivity and how we feel at work. A review of 73 separate studies showed a significant correlation between team productivity and job satisfaction.

The smart employer is paying more attention to the wellbeing of its employees – Wellbeing includes our basic needs, quality of relationship, a sense of belonging and purpose, opportunities to learn and have fun, trust and security, and the ability to influence our own lives.

Ignoring wellbeing costs – it can lead to demotivated employees, isolation, mental and physical health issues all leading to lack of productivity, increased absence and a poor work climate.

So, what can employers do about it?

Get the basics in place – ensure that your employees have the basic tools they need to do their jobs. That includes, a contract of employment, tools and equipment, skills and knowledge to name a few.

Engage – people need to know what is expected of them and how they are performing. Communicate the vision for your business and help them to see the part they play in its success, make sure everyone has an up to date role overview and provide regular feedback on how they are performing.

Support – provide an open door for your employees, listen and build trust. Provide opportunities for progression and growth and empower them to play their part in the success of your business.

Am I making sense? Does increasing your business performance and profits sound appealing? If would like to talk more about how to make those improvements in your business, please contact me.